Tehnorex is one of the top firms in the production of glass, both in Timisoara and nationally. Since its establishment, the company has aimed to promote quality services and always approached a competent and responsible attitude towards all customers, succeeding to occupy a privileged position in a market heavily assaulted in the field.
For the company Tehnorex, the greatest satisfaction and recognition is the return of customers satisfied with the services quality. Certainly, the success of the company depends on the success of these relationships.
As perspectives, the business strategy is to identify new applications for existing products and developing new products.

Tehnorex company provides a full range of services, including:

  • advice on technical and aesthetic optimum solution in respect with the customer requirements and characteristics of the construction where the work is included. The technical solution for the work is offered to the customer. Software that the company uses contains all the features of any work, so that prices are calculated to be fair both to the recipient and the manufacturer. The customer is given a choice between several options, which business professionals offer
  • custom design and design of technology for the chosen solution. Developing carpentry offer is completed by field trips of a specialist who will perform the measurements necessary for the mounting space, dimensioning, evaluating and finding the best joinery options depending on the specific conditions.
  • execution of joinery and accessories.
  • removal of the old woodwork and new joinery installation. Transportation and joinery installation is included in the price. Transportation of joinery elements is done safely by the company, using their own cars, equipped with special racks. Delivery respects the contract terms. Promptness is appreciated by all traditional customers. Because quality of joinery is influenced by the quality of installation, it is executed by professional, experienced staff, using the highest quality materials: steel bolts, tapping screws, bolts and mounting accessories, polyurethane foam, silicone and complying with the technical specifications for window and door installation of residential, commercial or industrial areas.
  • works in warranty and post warranty repair. SC Tehnorex Company offers a warranty period for fittins (depending on the provider), for the insulationg glass and the installation, if the following conditions are respected. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase, installation respectively. Ensuring security is performed through remedy or replace of defective parts or, as appropriate, of the whole product. To obtain warranty service, when a malfunction occurs, the buyer is not entitled to interfere with their own solutions and means of remedy, but is obliged to request company services.

Right to guarantee becomes void if:

  • damage occurred due to misuse
  • there is the intervention of someone else than of specialized personnel Tehnorex
  • the client does not have the invoice and warranty of the product.

The following issues are not covered by the warranty:

  • damage resulting from improper installation, if installation was performed by the client and not by specialized staff of Tehnorex
  • aspect defects not detected and unreported at purchase or installation and not due to hidden defects of materials as the Minute of handing says, small damage (such as scratches or breaks of removable elements that were not given to knowledge of the representative of Tehnorex).

Statements of Compliance
We hereby declare that the products sold according to our contracts respect Art. 5 of HG nr.1022/2002 (the regime of products and services that may endanger life, health, safety and environmental protection). They also comply with the specifications in other specific documents and regulations.