About us

S.C. TEHNOREX S.R.L. is a local funding private company, founded in 1997. The company has continuously invested in technology and latest equipment, quality being the core of development strategy. The company’s core business areas are making curtain – wall facades (classical or semi-structural), production of PVC/aluminum joinery and insulating glass, design, manufacture and installation of automatic doors respectively.
Turnover of the company has an upward dynamic throughout its entire period of existence, a number which falls in the category medium-sized companies. The value of turnover was registered in the year 2005 – 4.239.936 RON.

In 2008 a new manufacturing hall was completed, representing an investment worth 0.8 million Euros, and being located in Dumbrăviţa. The investment has allowed the expansion and development of products and services range.

 met the requirements of economic globalization and highly competitive nature of market profile through certification to EN ISO 9001:2008. This guarantee of quality with European recognition has contributed to increase the confidence of consumers, business partners, including financial and legal institutions, in company’s ability to provide services and products to the most fastidious requirements.

Recipients recognize the success of CE certification, applied to doors, windows and insulating glass unit. This mark is equivalent to company guarantee of the product performance regarding its final use.
How to distinguish our products and services from similar ones?

  • total quality, which integrates both high degree of utility and aesthetics. The whole set of factors (technical, administrative and human) involved in the company focuses its efforts to reduce, eliminate and most importantly, prevent quality deficiencies
  • diversity of solutions
  • prompt execution of works
  • consistency with the standards and specifications
  • availability at a competitive price
  • constant feed-back customer – company on purpose of increasing trust in the company’s ability to provide the desired quality.

Our representatives offer free advice in choosing the suitable solution for you. Our customer service is designed to work so that we guarantee the realization of their demands. Thus, we offer:

  • quick advice in establishing technical solutions, in making choices for high quality materials, in determining the types of windows and doors, which fit best for your needs
  • free written offer without any commitment on your part
  • design and execution.