Insect protection nets

Insect protection nets are safe in operation, the net is made of fiberglass, fine meshed, with long-term resistance to aging and breaking. An aluminum frame is available in standard colors (white, brown) and golden oak.

Advantages of using insect protection nets are:
they are an important accessory for every window, preventing penetration of mosquitoes, flies or other insects inside the house
they are very easy to maintain
they do not obstruct visibility
they can be mounted and removed easily
they ensure a continuous exchange of air between inside and outside.

Window sills

Modern accessories for PVC or aluminum joinery, the window sills give windows a unified and elegant note.
Sills can be internal or external. Interior sills play a role both aesthetic and functional, protecting the wall and joinery respectively.
Exterior sills are made ​​of aluminum and protect the masonry around the window from the elements, ingress of water and impurities, but also contribute to improving the appearance of the facade. Exterior sills can be made from other materials such as tiles, mosaics, zinc, marble, etc., whose characteristics include resistance to UV radiation and water and increased mechanical strength as well. Fitting a suitable external sill is a mandatory component of building insulation system.