Aluminum joinery

Aluminum profiles feature the strength specific to metals so that they need no additional reinforcement. There are two classes of products:

  • profiles without thermal brake (one room) recommended for interior doors and partitions, technical areas, industrial areas, at a relatively low cost
  • profiles with thermal polyamide brake, that provides increased thermal insulation by reducing the effect of thermal conductivity of metals. Quality of fittings is particularly important (handles, locks, hinges, moving parts) given that the profiles are recommended for implementation in high traffic buildings.

The main advantages of aluminum joinery

  • use of aluminum means saving energy and money (reducing heating and cooling costs)
  • shows resistance while not altering its color, are easy to maintain, has low weight
  • range of colors and shapes is very large
  • isolates heat and noise very effectively
  • have very high life (minimum 60 years)
  • lend themselves to very different applications: windows, doors, sliding elements, curtain walls.